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My first introduction to massage and the miracles of healing touch came in the early 1970’s at the East West School of Massage in Palo Alto, California.

I was fascinated by the healing effects of bodywork and was told by the founder of the school that “I was a natural” and he greatly encouraged me to continue my pursuit of certification and starting a practice. Neither of which I was ready to do at that time.

Twenty years later, after a series of four challenging tragedies touched my life, I was ready.

My sister died of lupus at 23.  My younger brother who had Muscular Dystrophy, whom I took care of since he was 5 years, old died. My young wife, who had 2 beautiful children died of Leukemia at the age of 30 after a prolonged and painful illness… and finally my mother developed, suffered from and finally passed on due to colon cancer.

These experiences, while heartbreaking and gut wrenching taught me many things, shaped my character and ultimately pointed me in the current direction and purpose of my life.

It taught me to have deep and lasting compassion – which I strive to bring now to my healing work with others.

It showed me how profoundly powerful healing touch truly is as I nurtured and cared for my brother, my wife and my mother.  As their illnesses ravaged their bodies, the healing work I had learned in the 1970’s when I wasn’t ready to make that my career, prolonged each of their lives and made their diseases more bearable – they felt more comfortable and loved. I used the techniques taught to me decades earlier to help ease their discomfort from the drugs and the pain and they both responded incredibly well compared to others who were experiencing the same illnesses.

All of my family members, except my children, passed, including my father, before I turned 41.  It felt like a mid-life crisis. I was ready to alter my career and my direction in life. These incredibly heart-changing experiences convinced me beyond any doubt how powerful healing touch, through the energetics of body work, is. I was now ready to make healing my life purpose and business.

That was 1991. Over 25 years later, my enthusiasm for the power of healing touch through massage and other bodywork modalities has only deepened and broadened. The changes and “miracles” I get to see daily in my clients and community inspire me to continue to be of service as a conduit for others to find the healing properties and power within their own bodies and beings.

In addition, I have been an adjunct instructor at a number of massage schools in Sonoma County. I now have the opportunity to mentor others who are dedicated to the healing arts and service to others.

As my business has grown and expanded into San Rafael and Santa Rosa, the corporate arm brings that concept of proactive wellness to the workplace combatting the crippling effects of workplace stress. My Corporate Massage Pro has worked with companies large and small all over the San Francisco Bay area with wellness and stress relieving programs.

I am thrilled to still be fed and inspired by the work I do. Although I lost my birth family, my two beautiful children continue to thrive and my new wife of 23 years is my best friend and muse.  Underlying it all I can truly claim for myself that our health is truly our wealth.


….to help as many people as I can to alleviate their stress, pain, and suffering so they can have more access to flourishing health and thus do whatever it is they came here to do in the best, highest and most effective way possible.


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