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Scott Patton, Licensed Massage Therapist
I have been receiving massage from Scott Patton for over 20 years. I was teaching middle school when I received my first chair massage from him for significant shoulder stress; it was immediately clear to me that I was with someone who deeply understood the human body. After a while of biweekly shoulder work, I found myself continuing to commute from San Francisco to San Rafael for biweekly full body massage. Now retired from the classroom and living on a small farm, I continue to work with Scott twice a month in his Santa Rosa office. One of the reasons I have remained committed to this practice with him is his wide range of massage techniques – including suggestions for home practice stretches -to address the specific physical issues I have had over the years. And what I have found is that this ongoing work has not only benefitted my physical wellbeing, but my emotional one as well.

Scott is a professional and a healer. I attribute much of my good health to this 20-year regular practice with him. He is strong, sensitive, intuitive, and extremely knowledgeable; these are qualities that would be difficult to maintain over the years without a genuine gift and passion for one’s work. Scott continues to demonstrate both.

Rebecca Shirley

Sebastopol Ca

I’ve received massages from Scott for years now… too many to remember. He has a comprehensive understanding and skill rare in the field and an intuitive sense of what the body needs that creates a unique and perfect massage each time. But it’s really Scott’s unconditional regard for the whole person that elevates his skill and intuition to an experience that brings healing of body / mind / spirit. At work, we’ve hired Scott for chair massages for seniors. Personally, my monthly appointment with Scott keeps me grounded in work and life.
Rev. Jacquie Robb

Chaplain, Spring Lake Village, Santa Rosa Ca

Scott has it all…knowledge about body mechanics, many and varied massage techniques plus a warm and caring way of being. I’ve been experiencing his magic routinely and exclusively for many, many years now as I so much appreciate him.
Not only does he relieve muscle pain at the source but I am always totally relaxed and stress-free after a session with him and thus leave with not a care in the world.
Aileen Harvey MPH

Novato Ca

Scott Patton is an amazing therapist. He is very knowledgeable and professional. Scott has attended PASCO’s Annual HR Conference for the past 10 years and is a beloved favorite of our attendees. They line up for chair massages at the event and many of them become long time customers to Scott, including myself!
Tanya Bruno

Managing Director, PASCO

I would absolutely recommend that you hire Scott Patton and Corporate Massage Pro, to come to your place of business and do chair massages for your employees. At Duckhorn Winery, we have him come every year during the Christmas holidays for our Customer Service team. It’s their favorite days of the year. They are so stressed out from all the orders coming in, being on the website and the phone with all the customers asking for things. He comes and gives them massages and it makes such a huge difference in their day. It allows them to take some of that holiday stress away. He would be a perfect person to come at anytime during a stressful period in your business. We’ve thought about having him back for harvest when our team is busy, when the accounting team is busy with audits, really anytime your employees need a little perk, I would recommend you have Scott Patton and Corporate Massage Pro come in for a couple of days. He’s punctual, he’s personable, and his massages I can speak for from personal experience are amazing. So, I couldn’t recommend him more.
Belinda Weber

Director, Digital Trade & Consumer Marketing


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